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Frequently Asked Questions

By Lucian Dinu
October 20, 2020

Are the payments safe?

In one word: Yes. All payments are processed and conducted by our online reseller & Merchant of Record Paddle.

What if I need a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. You can evaluate UIBlend for Free without risks or commitments and when you feel ready, then jump on the Pro plan.

Are you planning to grow the library of mockups?

Of course! We do our best add new quality mockups every week. New mockups are available for Free or Pro plans.

Cancellations. Can I cancel at any time?

Sure thing! You can downgrade from a Pro account to a Free one at any time. There’s no minimum commitment.

What happens if I have other questions?

No problem. If you have other questions or issues, you can contact us using the contact form, from the website.

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